Captain & Crew Experience
Come join Captain Jerzy for a relaxing time sailing on the water! With over forty years of sailing experience, he frequently sailed to Sweden, Russia, Germany and England as a crew member, officer and captain.


Along with his European voyages, he sailed throughout the United States from Massachusetts to the Gulf of Mexico multiple times back and forth. A few of these trips he sailed alone. Several times he delivered sailboats from New York to Bermuda and back.


Recently he sailed to South America visiting the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Honduras, Cuba, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico and Fiji. For the last several years he has been working days and nights as a Captain on a casino boat in Florida of which he is in charge for the safety of 430 passengers and crew.

200 Ton U.S. Coast Guard Licensed

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Sail Endorsement




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