Private and Group Sailing Lessons
Captain Jerzy has extensive sailing, cruising and racing experience. During the sailing lesson, he will show you all about the wonderful world of sailing on your sailboat or on his large 31 foot Island Packet with all the amenities. Our sailing classes are the closest to the programs offered by the American Sailing Association (ASA) and U.S. Sailing without going through the certification process.

Great for learning how to sail!

The best sailors started on small sailboats!

You will also be sailing on a 21.6 foot Hunter which is the perfect sailboat for sailing lessons. These boats are very responsive and react immediately.


We offer:
1 day on 1 sailboat 8 hours $800.00
2 days on 2 sailboats 14 hours $1400.00
3 days on 2 sailboats 20 hours $2000.00
or we can teach you on your boat.

Our sailing lessons are with an experienced Captain who raced for many years in Europe and the United States on a variety of sailboats with great success. He will be sure that you will learn and enjoy the sailing experience.

Take the wheel and discover the thrill of sailing!




  How to handle the boat in all weather conditions.
  Navigation using the latest technology to ensure safety on the water.
  Anchoring in various situations, choosing the anchorage and type of anchor to secure the sailboat.
  Knots & Ropes, learn how to use the proper types of knots and protect the ropes.
  Sails Trimming according to the wind and weather conditions.
  Docking/Mooring techniques in different situations.
  Single & Double-handed use of the boat.
  Rules & regulations according to the United States Coast Guard.
  Safety on the water.
  Crew overboard recovery procedures.
  Communication/VHF radio usage.
  Electronics/Autopilot/GPS usage.
and Much More! I did it!
Learn How to Tie a Knot


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